We are launching a blog, Check us out! – Green Yards

We are launching a blog, Check us out!

Hello everyone!

blog launching

We have decided to start a blog to keep you all posted about the green tips, green news and the daily life of the Green yards team. In addition, we will share stories, events, and updates about our manufacturing process, promotions and of course our best selling eco scented candles and stain remover washing powder!

A little bit more about us

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Green Yards was founded on early 2016. All of our products are derived from locally sourced depleted vegetable oil which has been refined and converted into Eco-cleaning products and Eco-candles. Our products are handmade with love, environmentally friendly and free of harsh chemicals.

What does Green Yards mean?

“Green”  inspired to provide the eco-friendly and sustainable products that are safe for our bodies, our homes, and the environment.

“Yards” means his homes, your homes, and our homes. 

By giving access to everyone to sustainable yet eco-friendly products, we wish not only our home will be greener, but our mother earth too.


Stay tuned 🙂

We are so glad for this opportunity to bring our shared passion for sustainable living and lifestyle to you. We are a bunch of eco lovers that can’t wait to share the useful daily tips, news and our stories with all of you. 

It’s going to be a wonderful journey, no matter the destination, and we look forward to venturing forward with all of you!


If you have anything  to share or question to ask us , be sure to tag us at #greenyards2u or write and email to us at shin@greenyards.com.my



Green Yards Team

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