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Upcycle It | Eco Light Bulb Oil Lamp

bulb oil lamp

Upcycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp You have spoiled light bulb and some used cooking oil? Wait, don’t throw it away. Upcycling your used light bulb and used cooking oil and make it into stylish light bulb oil lamp! What you will need: Materials: 1 x clean light bulb 1 x shoe lace (cotton) 1 x metal bottle cap 1 […]

Why Proper Disposal of Grease Is Important?

How do you dispose of used cooking oil/grease? After the cooking, what will you do to your used cooking oil? Will you pour it down to the kitchen sink drain? It is an easier way for most people. However, it is an improper way of disposing of the used cooking oil. Over time, when the […]