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Tips to Help Kids to Waste Less Food


Green Tips Day – Tips to Help Kids to Waste Less Food! A family that has children are more likely to waste more food than others. These tips will also help you save money and give kids the tools they need to grow up to value food. Plan for one week meals – Plan ahead not […]

Eco-Friendly Chinese New Year

eco-friendly chinese new year

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year the eco-friendly way this year! Here are some tips! Skip Zodiac-cetric and Glue-on Ang Pao Giving out ang pao is a chinese tradition and it’s inevitable but you can do it the “eco-friendlier” way. Use generic pattern ang pao over zodiac-centric ang pao so you can save the leftovers for […]

Natural and Environment Friendly Hair Dyes

Natural and Environment Friendly Hair Dyes

Avoid Harmful Dyes and Go For Natural and Environment Friendly Dyes Many commercial dyes often contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment. The ingredient that linked to skin irritation that found in most hair dyes is call P-Phenylenediamine (PPD). While the other hair dyes ingredient, Ammonia, can cause throat irritation or respiratory problems. […]

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap For Xmas

eco friendly gift wrap

Try Out Some of These Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Ideas Christmas is around the corner and this is when people start to buy gift for Xmas gift exchange. Traditional gift wrap is creating huge source of waste. Although the amount of pleasure is significant when the recipient unwrap the present, but what left on the floor […]

Now You Can Have Environmental Friendly Wedding

Now You Can Have Environmental Friendly Wedding

“Green Wedding Dinner” Marriage is definitely an important event as most people will only have once in their lifetime. And, because of this, the wedding expenses are huge, and is increasing year by year. Malaysian couple would spend around 50k to 100k to prepare for their marriage! Wedding dinner, dress, venue, layout, decorations, favors and banquet, all these requires money. Here are some […]

Upcycle It | Eco Light Bulb Oil Lamp

bulb oil lamp

Upcycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp You have spoiled light bulb and some used cooking oil? Wait, don’t throw it away. Upcycling your used light bulb and used cooking oil and make it into stylish light bulb oil lamp! What you will need: Materials: 1 x clean light bulb 1 x shoe lace (cotton) 1 x metal bottle cap 1 […]

SEA Games Carnival At National Sports Complex

Green Yards booth at SEA Games Carnival

SEA Games Carnival 19th August was the 29th SEA Games opening ceremony. The Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex hold a series of activities since afternoon before the opening ceremony begins that makes the venue looks like a huge carnival. The SEA Games Carnival are full of activities and food. Those who come early can take part in the carnival activities. A lots […]

Customized Corporate Gifts & Door Gifts With Social Impact

Customized Soap Gift - Green Yards

Green Yards Customized Corporate Gifts, Door Gifts & Wedding Favors Cater to Your Needs Green Yards provide more than just an ordinary corporate gifts, annual dinner door gifts and wedding favors because what we provide is a gift with impact. We do customization of gift according to different requirements and needs of the customer so that […]

KL2017 Green Initiative Launch | Sea Games And Asean Para Games

We managed to catch Rimau the mascot to take a photo with us at our booth

KL2017 Green Partners 5th of June, not only it was the World Environment Day, it was also the launching of KL2017 Green Initiative for the 29th SEA Games and the 9th ASEAN Para Games at Taman Tasik Perdana. It was held to announce the campaign plan, showcase green activation program and also introduce Green Partners such as Green Yards! […]

Earth Day | Who Founded It And Why Is It Important

Earth Day

The History Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April every year. It is one of the most widely celebrated environmental events across the world. Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator was the founder of Earth Day back in 1970. The event was created to raise awareness of environmental issues. It was in 1990 when Earth […]