Is our Eco-products contain harsh chemicals?
No. None of our product range contain any harsh chemicals, *petrochemicals, optomisers, bleaches or amonias that normal detergents often contain.

Is the Eco-products Halal?
All of our products are made from used cooking oils sourced from Muslim friendly / Muslim operated premises only. Whereas, used cooking oils from non-halal source will be channel to our partners to reprocess into biodiesel.

Is it safe to use the Eco-products made of used cooking oil?
All of the grease collected undergoes vigorous sterilizing process. Our ingredients and process which includes We use The used cooking oil from clear vegetable oil and then filtered to 30 microns (a human hair is 100 microns thick) and heated before it is made into soaps and candles.

What is the products smells like?
Don’t worry, we want our homes and laundry smells good too! Our product undergoes vigorous process where it isscented by using Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends, or naturally derived fragrance oils. Even our unscented products are guaranteed to smell nice.



Grease collections
How do grease collections work?
It’s really straightforward – simply fill in our grease pick up form, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours. Collection appointment will be scheduled accordingly to the user availability.

What does this service cost?
Our waste vegetable oil pickup service is free with a minimum of 25 kg of grease from both households or commercial industry.

Do you pick up my grease if I do not reach the minimum pick up amount?
Yes, we can always pick up your grease with a minimal charges of RM10 within Klang Valley. Alternatively, you can drop it off to the nearest grease drop off point.

Where is your service coverage?
We currently provide used cooking oil recycling service for restaurants and households within Klang Valley only.

Why there is no any grease drop off point near to my location?
We are working hard to expand our area of coverage and number of drop of point too. Contact us if you have any location in mind that are suitable for us, we would love to check it out.

How do I store my waste vegetable oil?
Commercial: We will provide you with a free container that are commercially recognised and safe for storages of the used cooking oil.

Households: Just cool the oil down to room temperature and store it into any clean or dry containers such as water bottle or even the containers in which the oil is purchased.

Do you collect / accept used motor oil?

Do you collect grease trap grease?

What do I get if I donate my used cooking oils to Green Yards?
We really thank you everyone for being part of our journey to make the world a greener place.

As a token of appreciation to you as an environmental hero, you will get a Eco-households cleaning bar worth RM8 for every 5 kg of used cooking oil returned through grease pick up services or to our drop of points at Eco-Knights office.

Due complexity of operations, for grease returned through other channel or other drop off points, we will donate a soap bar to charitable organization or person in needs for every 5kg of grease received.

How does the collected used cooking oil important for us?
Depending on the quality, we reprocess the oil into wide ranges of eco-cleaning products and eco-candles. Else, the oil will be channel to our partners to reproduce it into biodiesel. Rest assure, all of the grease will be deal with a ecologically manner.

I still have doubts!
Sorry that we’re unable to clear your doubts in the F.A.Q page. kindly send us an email to or contact us for us to clear your doubts.