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Types of Soaps (Different Making Process & Different Usage)

Green Yards' Glycerin Soap

In the last blog post, we talked about how to make your own soap. Today, let’s talk about the different types of soaps. (See how to make eco soap from used cooking oil for details of the making process.) Glycerin Soap Glycerin is a component of oil or fat. Any handmade soap contains glycerin, a byproduct of the chemical […]

How To Make Eco Soap From Used Cooking Oil # Handmade Gift

Handmade Eco Soap made from used cooking oil

Any handmade gift will make one’s day, especially your loved one. Handmade soap is not only a thoughtful gift, most importantly the process of making is fun!  Here’s a guide to begin your soap-making journey. Moreover, it’s an Eco-friendly path. Tools: Stainless steel pot, cup & ladle Apron & gloves Thermometer Digital scale Mold Ingredients: 500g […]

Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) Affecting Marine Life

The harmful fats, oil, grease (FOG) Chemical constituents from Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) are poisonous. It can harm marine life through ingestion, inhalation, absorption or external exposure through skin and eyes irritation.   Most affected animals Oil will float on water, which makes mammals like sea otters and seabirds the most affected animals.  Oil damage the […]

Why Proper Disposal of Grease Is Important?

How do you dispose of used cooking oil/grease? After the cooking, what will you do to your used cooking oil? Will you pour it down to the kitchen sink drain? It is an easier way for most people. However, it is an improper way of disposing of the used cooking oil. Over time, when the […]