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Tips to Help Kids to Waste Less Food


Green Tips Day – Tips to Help Kids to Waste Less Food! A family that has children are more likely to waste more food than others. These tips will also help you save money and give kids the tools they need to grow up to value food.

  1. Plan for one week meals – Plan ahead not just reduce waste, it also reduce unnecessary extra trips to the grocer, save time and gas.
  2. Limit per meal snacking –  Control your children’s snacking when it’s approaching dinner time. It will fill up their tummy too much to eat a normal portion during dinner, increasing chances of food wasting.
  3. Measure food waste challenge – Take up a challenge with kids to measure how much food waste per week and figure out how to reduce the food waste. If succeed, a reward will be granted. It is fun and meaningful at the same time.
  4. Make food easy to eat – Your kids always toss away half-eaten apple or banana? Cut fruits into bite-size pieces in order to share among all family members.
  5. Naming the fruits with interesting names – Having fun with food might help your kids to eat more of what’s on their plates. Give names like “Super Banana Gun” or “Ninja Apple”.
  6. Prepare appropriate portion – If the children are too young, help serve them little amount and add on later if not enough. Let older children to serve themselves. Encourage them to take small amount and add on. Kids will learn how to gauge appropriate amount of food this way.
  7. Teach them about the value of food – It is good to teach them the value of food since young, there are few activities you can do to teach them such as: visit farm and learn about of crops and animals, tell them how hard a farmer works to process the crops; plant herbs together; cook a meal together; discuss the cost of food during grocery; explain where the food waste go to when we throw it away; start a compost bin.

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