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Natural and Environment Friendly Hair Dyes

Natural and Environment Friendly Hair Dyes
Avoid Harmful Dyes and Go For Natural and Environment Friendly Dyes

Many commercial dyes often contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment. The ingredient that linked to skin irritation that found in most hair dyes is call P-Phenylenediamine (PPD). While the other hair dyes ingredient, Ammonia, can cause throat irritation or respiratory problems.

If you have ever colored your hair, you will noticed there is always a harsh odor coming out from your hair. After washed these chemical away,  it often ends up in local waterway. Harmful ingredients such as Ammonia is link to soil acidification and changes in ecosystems. However, you don’t have to worries and consider not to dye your hair anymore to save yourself and the planet as there are more and more salon starting to use organic and nontoxic hair dyes.

Another option, you can always choose to create your own natural hair dyes.

  • Choose your herbal material and mash it. The smaller it is, the more surface area can be expose to hair and create a stronger dye.
  • Mix the mashed herbal material with hot water to make into paste. Add little amount of water at a time until it gets thick like a toothpaste. Reason to use hot water is because it can open the pores of the herbs and help release the color.
  • For colors that requires to make a tea first, use larger amount of herbs, about half cup of herbs with 2 cups of water. Use hot water and steep until it cool off then take out the herbs and transfer tea to another bottle for easy application.
  • If you are using tea, squirt the tea on onto scalp and hair and repeat until tea finished. Wrap or cover your hair with damp towel or shower cap. If you are using paste, apply paste to the root and cover with damp towel or shower cap.
  • Either way you use, leave it for at least half an hour after the application and rinse out.
  • If possible you can dry your hair in the sun to give it more natural highlights.
  • These dyes are semi-permanent mostly so it will last about few weeks.


Herbs You Can Use

Towards Blonde: lemon juice, tea made from chamomile or calendula, rhubarb root

Towards Brown: black tea or coffee, tea made from rosemary, nettle or sage

Towards Red: tomato juice, tea made from hibiscus flower

Towards Reddish Purple: pureed beets

Towards Black: black walnut powder


Be sure to check if you are allergy to any ingredients before experimenting. Don’t let the dyes to get into your eyes or mouth.


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