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Eco-friendly Gift Wrap For Xmas

eco friendly gift wrap

Try Out Some of These Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and this is when people start to buy gift for Xmas gift exchange. Traditional gift wrap is creating huge source of waste. Although the amount of pleasure is significant when the recipient unwrap the present, but what left on the floor was a bunch of unrecyclable paper.

There are alternative Eco-friendly ways you can use to wrap your gift without compromise on the beauty of the gift. In fact, the only way you get to reduce is the cost and waste.

Brown Paper

Brown Paper Gift Wrap

You don’t have to purposely shop for brown paper but when you do receive some brown paper while you do groceries, keep it and save it for gift wrapping. Have logo on the brown paper? Wrap it inside out to hide the logo inside.

Paper Bag

paper bag gift wrap

You will probably receive this paper bag when you purchase lunch pack or small gift. Keep the bag and use it to wrap small gifts. Decorate with some tree ornaments, xmas bell or fresh pine, eco-friendly and lovely!


burlap gift wrap

Burlap can be cleaned with a little bit of soaking and drying. It’s material is not easily teared or spoiled so it is durable and reusable.

Fabric Wrap

fabric gift wrap

A beautiful fabric itself can act as a gift already. Some more it can be reused for many other purposes. You can google about this Japanese technique called ‘Furoshiki’. This Japanese technique of gift wrapping using fabric is awesomely beautiful.



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  1. yonasmithre says:

    Do you sell wholesale?
    I sell eco friendly products and I see a few that I would like to add to my stock.
    My company is in New Zealand but I sell in the US.
    Let me know.

    Thank you


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