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Now You Can Have Environmental Friendly Wedding

Now You Can Have Environmental Friendly Wedding
“Green Wedding Dinner”

Marriage is definitely an important event as most people will only have once in their lifetime. And, because of this, the wedding expenses are huge, and is increasing year by year. Malaysian couple would spend around 50k to 100k to prepare for their marriage! Wedding dinner, dress, venue, layout, decorations, favors and banquet, all these requires money. Here are some “green” ideas which not only helping you save money but also helping the environment.


Eco Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to wear a perfect wedding dress but have you considered the environmental friendly kind of wedding dress? It is made of natural materials and organic fibers that made of “green” fabric, such as organic cotton. It can be refurbished and recycle. Fashionable yet environment friendly.


Digital Wedding Invitation

Nowadays, you can replace the traditional paper wedding invitation with electronic invitations. You can also update the information in real time, and also save paper. But also to capture the family and friends in the wedding of the wonderful moments. If you need to print a copy of your paper for older guests, you can use recycled paper to support sustainable management of the global forest.


Environmental Protection

You can play with your creativity with your wedding venue. Even some random things you see daily can be turned into a table or decorative ornaments! Such as use eggshells to make candles, and transforming sealed glass bottles into lanterns. You can DIY it yourself or you can leave it to the expert like us! We can make environmental friendly candles to decorate your wedding venue into a romantic scene. Also, you can choose to give out environmental friendly wedding favor. If you are interested in our customized gift or wedding decorations, tell us more about your requirement over here.


Reduce Waste

A survey found that if every wedding dinner produce 3.8 kilograms leftover, each year will waste 4 million kilograms of food, enough to fill more than 2 standard pool! You only need to follow the following steps to reduce the waste:

  • Avoid overbooking – arrange the right amount according to the number of guests.
  • Do not waste – encourage guests to enjoy slowly, try to finish all the food.
  • Take home – remind guests to bring their own containers or bags to pack the remaining food back as they go.
Reconsider Your Menu

You do not have to say “Yes” to all the dishes on the menu, and you can consider a “eco-friendly seafood menu” if any. They will use some of the seafood in a responsible way, where the fishing process is conducive to the sustainable development of the ocean.


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