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Upcycle It | Eco Light Bulb Oil Lamp

bulb oil lamp
Upcycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp

You have spoiled light bulb and some used cooking oil? Wait, don’t throw it away. Upcycling your used light bulb and used cooking oil and make it into stylish light bulb oil lamp! What you will need:



1 x clean light bulb
1 x shoe lace (cotton)
1 x metal bottle cap
1 x rather large washer/spacer
1 x little bottle of used cooking oil
2 x little magnets


drill bit (slightly smaller than shoe lace)

Step 1:

Firstly, take your drill to break the black glass at the bottom of the light bulb.

Then tap on the inner tube of bulb where the wire in it, then extract the insides.
Then, go and grab some sand and put into the bulb, add water and twist the mixture, while you twisting you’ll see the inner white coating flake off.
Once the white coating separated from the inside of the bulb, rinse the bulb thoroughly and put it aside.




light bulb

Step 2:

After you have cleaned the bulb, grab your bottle cap and shoe lace. Make a hole at the center of the cap, just about shoe-lace-diameter. Before cutting your shoe lace, tape the middle with a little bit of tape, to make sure not causing a mess when you do cut (in the middle of the tap band). Thread your taped end into the fresh wound in your bottle cap and pull the lace through. Screw the cap (with the lace threaded) onto the top of light bulb and do a measure test, you want a little slack at the bottom, but not much. Take off the cap and find where your magnets have run off too.

trapped magnet

fully adjustable base

Step 3:

With your washer or spacer in hand, and magnets stuck to some valuable electronic devise, put a small length of tape on the one side. Flip it over and center one of your little magnets on the tape. Cut another length of tape and stick it on the washer or spacer, trapping the menacing little beast in between.

lighted oil lamp

Step 4:

Go ahead and find your used cooking oil. Before pouring the oil, put the other magnet into the bulb, and set on the base. Carefully pour the used cooking oil into the bulb. Locate your cap, complete with shoe lace wick, and screw the cap on to the light bulb. You may need to roll the liquid around a bit to make sure the wick got a bit of the oil. Make sure no more than 1/2 of an inch of wick poking out of the cap. Now, grab your lighter and light it up!


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