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How To Make Eco Soap From Used Cooking Oil # Handmade Gift

Handmade Eco Soap made from used cooking oil
Handmade Eco Soap made from used cooking oil.

Any handmade gift will make one’s day, especially your loved one. Handmade soap is not only a thoughtful gift, most importantly the process of making is fun!  Here’s a guide to begin your soap-making journey. Moreover, it’s an Eco-friendly path.


Stainless steel pot, cup & ladle

Apron & gloves


Digital scale



500g used cooking oil

70g lye (sodium hydroxide)

165g water

10g vinegar (to remove odour) *optional

Scent oil (act as fragrance) *optional


1. Weight 165g of water into stainless steel cup.

2. Weight 70g of Lye and insert carefully into water weighted. Let it cool down to 45°C. (Be cautious that the temperature of water may increase drastically during this steps. Handle a lye with a protective gloves and eye mask is a must. Stir in a well ventilated place.)

3. Filter the oil using sieve and weight 500g of used cooking oil into another stainless steel pot and heat it to 45°C.

4. Carefully pour the lye solution into the oil and stir with a regular pace until “tracing” occur.

Mixture leaves a trace of “Z” behind.

5. Add vinegar or scent oil if desired.

6. Pour it into the mold (any recycled mold such as yogurts cup or milk containers is also applicable).

7. Remove the soap from the mold carefully using gloves after 2 days and let it air dry.

8. The soaps are ready to use after 5 weeks.

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3 thoughts on “How To Make Eco Soap From Used Cooking Oil # Handmade Gift

  1. Stella says:

    I have recently started using used oils for making my soap. This is not only cheap for my family, it’s also good on the environment as many restaurants find it very expensive to dispose of the oil.

    I have also been looking for a way of reducing odour due to different types of foods fried in the oil.
    Fragrance oils are cheap either! So I was so happy when I came across your article recommending the use of vinegar to reduce the smell of the oil.

    I will definitely try this. Thank you very much

  2. jiha says:

    hello, just want to ask….
    If I want to add on coffee ground in this soap, is there any adjustment needed for other ingredient composition?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jiha,

      No adjustment is needed. You can just add in coffee ground /other flower etc as you like. Please limit it at 1%-2% max.
      Thank you.

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