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Grease Collection Points – EcoKnights

Recycle Area

Drop Your Grease to Our Collection Points At Green Yards, we offer grease collection service. People often ask us how do we collect the grease. This blog post will solve their curiosity. For used cooking oil of 25kg and above, we will collect it at your doorstep. No worries, if yours are lesser that 25kg, […]

Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) Affecting Marine Life

The harmful fats, oil, grease (FOG) Chemical constituents from Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) are poisonous. It can harm marine life through ingestion, inhalation, absorption or external exposure through skin and eyes irritation.   Most affected animals Oil will float on water, which makes mammals like sea otters and seabirds the most affected animals.  Oil damage the […]

Why Proper Disposal of Grease Is Important?

How do you dispose of used cooking oil/grease? After the cooking, what will you do to your used cooking oil? Will you pour it down to the kitchen sink drain? It is an easier way for most people. However, it is an improper way of disposing of the used cooking oil. Over time, when the […]